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In Indian culture, the tradition of wearing Yajnopaveet i.e. janeu has been going on since Vedic period. 'Upanayana' is counted in sixteen rites. But in today's era people want to avoid wearing janeu. The question arises in the mind of the new generation, what will be the benefit of wearing it after all?

Janeu is extremely beneficial not only from a religious perspective, but also in terms of health. The benefits of wearing Janeu are briefly discussed here.

1. Protection from bacteria and germs

People who wear janeu and follow the rules related to it, they keep their mouth shut while defecating. After getting used to it, people are easily saved from the outbreak of bacteria and germs found in dirty places.

2. body clean, mind clean

The rule is to wrap the thread tightly over the ear. By doing this, pressure is also put on the veins passing through the ear, which are directly related to the intestines. Constipation is not the cause of pressure on these nerves. When the stomach is clean, both body and mind remain healthy.

3. Increase in strength and speed

Those veins also pass near the right ear, which is related to the testicles and secretarians. By wrapping the thread on the right ear during urination, the veins from which semen are released. In such a situation, unknowingly, sperm is protected. This increases the strength and strength of humans.

4. Prevention of heart disease and blood pressure

In research, medical science has also found that the wearer is less prone to heart disease and blood pressure than others. Janeu is also helpful in controlling the flow of blood in the body.

5. Increase in memory

By keeping and tightening the threads on the ear every day, memory power also increases. Due to the pressure on the ear, those nerves of the brain become active, which are related to the memory power. Actually, this was the basic motive behind making children's ears pierced for making mistakes.

6. Increased mental strength

Mental strength is also gained due to Yagyopaveet. It always reminds people to avoid bad deeds. Also, there is a belief that wearers do not have evil spirits. Whatever may be the truth in it, but it only benefits from having a deep belief in it.

7. Acquisition of Spiritual Energy

Wearing janeu also gives spiritual energy. It is believed that the Lord resides in Yajnopaveet. It also reminds us of duty.

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