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Mala Beads or Buddhist Prayer beads or Hinduism  are traditionally used to count the number of mantra's during meditation. They often comprise of 108 beads, and can be made with precious stones or wood. 108 is a significant number for many reasons. Some associate the possibility of enlightenment with taking only 108 breaths a day while in deep meditation. Others connect the number’s significance to the heart chakra, as there is said to be 108 energy lines leading to it, one of which is believed to be the path to self realisation. This beautiful Tulsi wood mala bead, helps to improve concentration.

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Lotus Seeds Mala (Neel Madei Mala)

₹120.00 ₹160.00

Lotus { NilMani } Mala made by www.tulsimala.com. Each Lotus Mala is a work of art.Lotus Mala is used to worship Goddess Laxhmi. On the lotus Mala, Chants of Goddess Lakshmi are recited..


Nam Seva

₹350.00 ₹380.00

Nimbarak SampradayaColour- WoodenSize- 3x4 Inches...Weight- 20gm (Approx)Base- WoodenBrand- www.tulsimala.comUsing Nimbark Sampradaya..


Sandalwood Mala

₹350.00 ₹450.00

Sandal Sented Mala 8MM..


Stone Chakla

₹170.00 ₹220.00

Stone Chakla Without Chandan StickColour- WhiteWeight- Base- stoneBrand- www.tulsimala.com..



₹120.00 ₹140.00

100% Original "VAIJYANTI Mala" Present  by www.tulsimala.com.108 Bead MALA.VAIJYANTI Mala, this is a very dear Mala to Lord Shri Krishna. While performing the Lord's Aarti, "Gle M Vajayanti Mala" Wearing it around the neck benefits the patients of sugar...

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